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It all starts with an idea! The design can be called - the "cornerstone" for production. For this reason, using modern software we are able to design and visualize individual elements and even entire structures. Conducting simulations in the program before the implementation stage allows you to see possible structural errors and eliminate them, which significantly reduces production costs.
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Experience in this field allows us to design things such as:

  • individual details
  • components for mass production
  • metal constructions
  • prototypes
  • machinery

It allows us a whole range of possibilities - from designing an element sketch to visualizing its work along with the possible forces acting on it. Thanks to this we are able to:

  • comprehensively deal with the production of the element
  • check the strength on the model in the program
  • minimize the risk of poor design
  • minimize production costs by eliminating construction errors and difficulties in production by finding alternatives


The project is one of the most important elements of production implementation. Our engineers are able to design various elements precisely according to the given dimensions and carry out visualizations and simulations inside the program before the implementation process, which allows to eliminate invisible errors during the element design process. Such activities are great for reducing costs and reducing production time.

Our design office creates plans for prototypes, machines, and diagrams of elements for retail and serial production. During simulation, we are able to precisely check the kinetic and dynamic strength of elements under the influence of forces acting on it. Along with the creation of plans and diagrams, we also prepare comprehensive technical documentation and provide support and advice in this area.

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